Bath Holiday

As a UNESCO world heritage site, there is a diverse array of attractions to arouse your interest on your Bath holiday. Its name is an indicator of its Roman heritage. The city is the only place in the UK where hot springs are naturally occurring and both the Celts and the Romans exploited this to full advantage. A popular pastime was relaxing in the public baths and you can acquaint yourself with the tradition on your Bath holiday.

The city remains a popular tourist spot, not only as a result of the baths and hot springs, but because of the wealth of culture, history and entertainment. There is an estimated 3.8 million day visitors to the city every year and that is not including those who stay longer. On your Bath holiday, you will discover what is so special about this city.

There are many impressive structures for you to admire on your Bath holiday. The Abbey dates back to the 16th century and it is a dramatic feature in the city, both inside and out. The Circus is another fine specimen, with its unique architecture, from above it forms a key shape and is thought to be a Masonic symbol. It was masterminded by John Wood the Elder and is also believed to have been inspired by Stanton Drew and Solomon's Temple in Jerusalem.

In the Georgian and Elizabethan eras, the spas were updated and began to attract royalty. Spa resorts are increasingly popular nowadays; modern alternatives are available to the historic options. In 2006 a new hot water spa, Thermae Bath Spa was opened and is proving popular.

All creative arts are nurtured in Bath, with five theatres and numerous festivals such as the International Music Festival and Fringe Festival. There are also many museums including the Museum of East Asian Art and the Fashion Museum for you to enjoy on your Bath holiday.

There have been many famous inhabitants of Bath over the years and if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for you. During the 18th century Thomas Gainsborough lived and worked in Bath and in the 19th century, it was Jane Austen's turn.

Her novels 'Northanger Abbey' and 'Persuasion' are largely set in the city, with descriptions of taking the waters, social life and musical recitals. She has been commemorated with the Jane Austen Centre, which is a must for her fans. This stunning city is a reoccurring backdrop in many period dramas including Vanity Fair and The Duchess.

In the 2010 Google Street View Awards, Royal Crescent came second in the Britain's Most Picturesque Street category, losing out to The Shambles in York. Furthermore it won the Best Fashion Street award for Milsom Street, indicating what a great city Bath is to shop in. Not only are there irresistible shops and boutiques but it's a pleasure to walk down the Georgian streets without even having to buy anything.

Bath is not only a world heritage site, but the range of limestone hills at the bottom of the Avon valley are a designated area of outstanding beauty. The surrounding hills give the charming impression that the buildings in the city are creeping up the slopes.

The serene parks perfectly compliment the striking architecture and they are the ideal environment to enjoy refreshing walks and quiet reflection on your Bath holiday. The Royal Victoria Park, the first to be named after Queen Victoria and opened by her, has been awarded a national standard award, the Green Flag.

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